The Winter Park Community Redevelopment Agency celebrates over two decades of service.

What is the CRA’s history?

Established in 1994 and expanded in 1999, the CRA is at the heart of Winter Park. The CRA receives and invests tax increment financing (TIF) revenues from both the city and county’s share of taxes for the area it encompasses. These revenues are then leveraged by the CRA to carry out its mission of community service and economic growth.

For over two decades, the agency has played an integral role in the revitalization of the downtown area and surrounding community. The CRA was established in 1994 with the purpose of creating a vibrant, high-quality environment for residents and businesses. Initially encompassing the central business district and historic Westside community of Winter Park, in 1999 the CRA expanded its boundaries to include the U.S. Highway 17-92 corridor. Today, the CRA encompasses 15% of the land area, has approximately 10% of the residential population, and over 50% of all businesses within the City of Winter Park.

In 1994, the CRA’s taxable value of all properties was $194 million. Under the stewardship of the CRA boards, the CRA’s taxable value has grown to $620 million.

What is the CRA’s mission?

To preserve and improve the residential viability and livability of the neighborhoods within the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) area by encouraging and initiating activities which empower residents to effect change and to enhance and improve the commercial areas of the CRA by encouraging and implementing activities that promote economic growth.

How is the CRA governed?

The CRA’s projects and programs are outlined in adopted redevelopment and strategic plans.  Those plans are guided by volunteer advisory boards that make recommendations to the CA Board.  This board is comprised of the Winter Park City Commission and a representative appointed from Orange County.

The redevelopment projects and community programs are coordinated by CRA staff and implemented by partners including city departments, Orange County, the Florida Department of Transportation, local non-profits and community groups including private citizens.

Seven Winter Park Mayors have been engaged in the CRA since its inception:

Mayor Gary Brewer 1993-1997
Mayor Joseph Terranova 1997-2000
Mayor Roland “Terry” Hotard 2000-2003
Mayor Kip Marchman 2003-2006
Mayor David Strong 2006-2009
Mayor Kenneth Bradley 2009-2015
Mayor Steven Leary 2015-2018
  • CRA Board
    The CRA Board meets after the City Commission meetings quarterly or on an as needed basis.

CRA Annual Reports

For a hard copy, please call 407-599-3695 or visit the Economic Development/CRA offices located on the second floor of City Hall West Wing at 401 South Park Avenue

CRA Funding

The City of Winter Park CRA is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Tax increment funds are derived from ad valorem property taxes. The CRA is not a taxing authority nor does it set millage rates or assess property. Tax increment funds come through existing taxing entities including the City of Winter Park and Orange County but not including the library, school district or the water management district. The method of determining the amount of funding the CRA receives each fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) is described below.

When the CRA was created in 1991 the assessed value of the area was set as the base year tax base. Thereafter, the taxes from additional increases in property values are dedicated to the redevelopment agency. In each subsequent year, the Orange County Property Appraiser determines the taxable value of the area. The difference between the taxable value of the base year and the current year is calculated. This is referred to as the “increment”. The increment is multiplied by the millage rate of each contributing taxing entity. The taxing entity remits 95 percent of that amount of money to the CRA Trust Fund.

CRA Strategic Plan

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