The Community Redevelopment Advisory Board shall make recommendations on the programs, activities and funding issues affecting the implementation of the CRA Plan. Recommendations shall include, but not be limited to, matters concerning land use and design regulations and applications, implementation programs and activities, budgets and funding. These recommendations will be forwarded to the CRA Agency for consideration on these matters.

Meeting schedule

Board Members End of Term
John Caron 2022
Mike Emerson 2022
Teri Gagliano 2020
Lambrine Macejewski 2021
Javier Omana 2022
Jeffery Stephens 2021
Woody Woodall 2020
Randall Slocum, Alternate

Term of office: 3 years
Appointed/re-appointed at first City Commission meeting in May.

The Community Redevelopment Advisory Board will be comprised of seven regular members. Members on this advisory board shall be residents of Winter Park and a majority of the members shall be residents and/or business owners within the community redevelopment area. The terms of this advisory board shall be three (3) years.

In addition to the seven regular members, there shall be an eighth alternate member appointed for a term of three years. The eighth alternate member shall be designated as an alternate member to the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board, and shall participate in all such matters coming before the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board, except that the alternate member shall vote on such matters coming before the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board only in the event of a regular member is absent from the meeting or declares a conflict of interest and abstains from voting on a particular matter. The alternate member shall possess the same qualifications as a regular member, and shall be appointed pursuant to the same procedure as appointment of a regular member.

This board shall not be an official city board, but appointments shall be consistent with the terms of Chapter 2, Article III, Division I of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Winter Park as they apply to other City boards and commissions.






Kyle Dudgeon
CRA/Economic Development Assistant Division Director

Laura Halsey
CRA Coordinator

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