3175-20Adopting new process for boards, appointments, membership, etc., as a result of passing of Charter Amendment 7 (see ORD3159-19)MAY 11
3174-20Rezoning 1390 Orange Avenue from Office to Parks and RecreationMAY 11
3173-20Vacating/abandoning portion of Kindel Avenue right of wayAPR 27
3172-20Rescinding Orange Avenue Overlay District (Ordinances 3167 and 3168-20)APR 13
3171-20Amending zoning map to Parking Lot at 472 Broadview Ave.MAR 9
3170-20Amending future land use map to Parking Lot at 472 Broadview Ave.MAR 9
3169-20Amending zoning map to Institutional (PQP) at 200 E. New England Ave. and 203 E. Lyman Ave.MAR 9
3168-20Amending future land use map to Institutional at 200 E. New England Ave. and 203 E. Lyman Ave.MAR 9
3167-20Amending Chapter 58, Article III, Zoning to adopt a new zoning district, Overlay DistrictsMAR 9
3166-20Amending Comprehensive Plan establishing Orange Avenue Overlay DistrictMAR 9
3165-20Annexation of properties in RavaudageFEB 24
3164-20Amending Chapter 62, Noise and Disturbance Control, related to outdoor live music to apply city-wideFEB 24
3163-20Amending Chapter 58 to clarify procedures for applications seeking to table, continue or postpone public hearings have advertisedFEB 10
3162-20Amending Section 58-376 to allow consideration of designation and preservation of historical homes and/or historic specimen live oak trees for lot size variances.FEB 10
2230-20Extending terms of city board members (to provide time to adopt
ordinance establishing new procedures due to Charter amendment)
APR 13
2229-20Establishing procedures for meetings conducted via Communications Media Technology (CMT)MAR 30
2228-20Authorizing issuance of $2,095,000 bonds for financing a portion of the Winter Park Library and Events Center and related improvements in the cityMAR 9
2227-20Designating 1057 Minnesota Avenue as a historic resource on the Winter Park Register of Historic PlacesFEB 24
2226-20Approving local funding agreement with FDOT for design of additional landscape and streetscape improvements to U.S. Highway 17-92JAN 27
2225-20Authorizations to Orange County Canvassing Board for March 17, 2020, electionJAN 13
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