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3271-23Partial vacation of Havilah Park Plat within boundaries of property at 900 and 950 N. Orlando Avenue and termination of various easementsMay 10
3269-23Amending Chapter 58, Land Development code, extending expiration of conditional use and variance approvalsAPR 26
3268-23Abandoning a portion of Via Tuscany, east of 2433 Via TuscanyMAR 22
3267-23Adding regulations regarding artificial turf installation and maintenanceMAR 8
3264-23Amending Chapter 58, Land Development Code, modifying non-residential zoning districts to
ensure no air traffic hazards are created by structures and other appendages
3265-23Amending Chapter 58, Land Development Code, adding new permitted use for state licensed
establishing rending a personal business service, i.e, barber shops, salons, day spas
3263-23Amending Chapter 58, Land Development Code, modifying processes for appeal from
interpretations and enforcement decisions of building and zoning official
3262-23Vacating and abandoning a portion of Elvin Avenue right-of-wayFEB 8
3261-23Updating Section 58-87 and Chapter 114 incorporating regulations of docks and boathousesMAR 8
3260-23Adding new Division 3 of Article VI, Chapter 2, providing assessment of third party City consultant costs for review of various development, permits, variances, etc.JAN 25
3259-23Amending Ordinance 3182-20 to make permanent the regulations relating to backyard
JAN 25

Current Resolutions

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2270-23Designating 1424 Cavendish Road to WP Register of Historic PlacesMAR 22
2269-23Adopting Orange County Local Mitigation StrategyFEB 22
2268-23Establishing non-ad valorem assessments for collecting stormwater utility feesFEB 22
2267-23Adopting Sustainability Action PlanJAN 25

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Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.