Current Ordinances

3186-20Amending Chapter 58, procedures for final plats and lot splits and providing regulations for permitted floor area ratio for splits resulting in less than four lotsOCT 14
3185-20Amending Chapter 58, concerning lot grading and filling requirementsOCT 14
3184-20Adopting Budget and CIP for FY 2021SEP 23
3183-20Adopting Millage Rate of 4.0923 for FY 2021SEP 23
3182-20Establishing regulations for the keeping backyard chickensSEP 9
3180-20Adopting Orange County fertilizer regulations by referenceAUG 26
3179-20Declaring contingent moratorium on development and applications that would utilize the Orange Avenue Overlay District policiesAUG 12
3178-20Amending Chapter 62, providing for regulations of construction and related noiseAUG 12
3177-20Authorizing conveyance of city-owned property located adjacent to
S.R 426 within the right of way of Harper Street
JUN 22
3176-20Authorizing conveyance of city-owned property located adjacent to north right of way of S.R. 426 east of Harper StreetJUN 22
3175-20Adopting new process for boards, appointments, membership, etc., as a result of passing of Charter Amendment 7 (see ORD3159-19)MAY 11
3174-20Rezoning 1390 Orange Avenue from Office to Parks and RecreationMAY 11
3173-20Vacating/abandoning portion of Kindel Avenue right of wayAPR 27
3172-20Rescinding Orange Avenue Overlay District (Ordinances 3167 and 3168-20)APR 13
3171-20Amending zoning map to Parking Lot at 472 Broadview Ave.MAR 9
3170-20Amending future land use map to Parking Lot at 472 Broadview Ave.MAR 9
3169-20Amending zoning map to Institutional (PQP) at 200 E. New England Ave. and 203 E. Lyman Ave.MAR 9
3168-20Amending future land use map to Institutional at 200 E. New England Ave. and 203 E. Lyman Ave.MAR 9
3167-20Amending Chapter 58, Article III, Zoning to adopt a new zoning district, Overlay DistrictsMAR 9
3166-20Amending Comprehensive Plan establishing Orange Avenue Overlay DistrictMAR 9
3165-20Annexation of properties in RavaudageFEB 24
3164-20Amending Chapter 62, Noise and Disturbance Control, related to outdoor live music to apply city-wideFEB 24
3163-20Amending Chapter 58 to clarify procedures for applications seeking to table, continue or postpone public hearings have advertisedFEB 10
3162-20Amending Section 58-376 to allow consideration of designation and preservation of historical homes and/or historic specimen live oak trees for lot size variances.FEB 10

Current Resolutions

2238-20Adopting Single-Use Products Policy on city property (one-year pilot)NOV 11
2237-20Adopting amendments to Second Amendment to the Amended and
restated Development Order for Ravaudage Development
NOV 11
2236-20Designating 1530 Wilbar Circle on the Winter Park Register of Historic PlacesNOV 11
2235-20Authorizing Mayor to execute agreement with FDOT for relocation of water and wastewater utilities as part of the S.R. 434 widening and resurfacing projectOCT 28
2234-20Designating 1366 Devon Road as historical property on Winter Park Register of Historical PlacesSEP 9
2233-20Establishing/restating rules for conduct of City Commission meetingsJUL 22
2232-20Changing regular Commission meeting from Monday to WednesdayJUN 22
2231-20Designation 3-foot strip of land adjacent to Harper Street as public right of wayJUN 8
2230-20Extending terms of city board members (to provide time to adopt
ordinance establishing new procedures due to Charter amendment)
APR 13
2229-20Establishing procedures for meetings conducted via Communications Media Technology (CMT)MAR 30
2228-20Authorizing issuance of $2,095,000 bonds for financing a portion of the Winter Park Library and Events Center and related improvements in the cityMAR 9
2227-20Designating 1057 Minnesota Avenue as a historic resource on the Winter Park Register of Historic PlacesFEB 24
2226-20Approving local funding agreement with FDOT for design of additional landscape and streetscape improvements to U.S. Highway 17-92JAN 27
2225-20Authorizations to Orange County Canvassing Board for March 17, 2020, electionJAN 13

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.