Bicycle Friendly Community 2017-2021 SilverPedestrian & Bicycle Program

Winter Park consistently has been one of the top spots in the country to visit. Not surprisingly, a good number of Winter Park residents and visitors enjoy walking and cycling for recreation or transportation.

Winter Park is committed to being a pedestrian and bicycle friendly community. In this effort, a Transportation Advisory Board was created of residents to work with city staff to improve all modes of transportation.

Their mission as it relates to walking and biking is “To create and promote a viable and safe pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure and promote these modes of transportation throughout the city.“

As a completed plan, the city will now work toward implementing a pedestrian and bicycle facility network linking neighborhoods with parks, schools, and activity centers, as well as providing connections with surrounding communities.

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Please note that shop links provided are within a five mile radius of the City of Winter Park. There are several other shops, as well as clubs and associations available in the Central Florida area.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Spot Improvement Program

The Pedestrian & Bicycle Spot Improvement Program makes low cost improvements to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety and convenience for cyclists by allowing them to use the existing street system more comfortably.

Projects include:

  • Surface Improvements
    Pothole patching, brick street repairs, etc.
  • Signing and Striping
    Motor vehicle warning signs at trail crossings, bicycle lane striping and stenciling, etc.
  • Access Improvements
    Adjusting of electronic detection for bicyclists at traffic signals, traffic island modification, etc.
  • Bike Rack Installation
    The city is has installed 50 bike racks throughout Winter Park. Rolling style racks are in parks and open spaces, and hoop racks are in the Central Business District.

More bike rack information or requests for rack installations can be made by citizens and business owners by calling the Winter Park Bicycle Program at 407-599-3262.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail

Trail Etiquette

All Trail Users

  • Show courtesy to other trail users at all times.
  • Use the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated.
  • Respect the rights of property owners.
  • Keep dogs on leash and remove pet feces from trail.


  • You are responsible for the safe operation of your vehicle.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Give audible warning when passing pedestrians or other bicyclists.
  • Ride at a safe speed. Slow down in congested conditions, reduced visibility and other hazardous conditions.


  • Stay to the right side of the trail except when otherwise designated.
  • Watch for other trail users.
  • Be especially alert when running.
  • Listen for audible signals and allow faster trail users to pass safely.

Contact Information

Keith Moore

Transportation Planner

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.