Lien Searches/Estoppel Requests

The City of Winter Park has partnered with Orange Lien Data, LLC, to process lien searches/estoppel requests from title companies, closing agents, and others seeking to obtain information about outstanding debt owed to the city. All requests are to be submitted directly to Orange Lien Data, LLC. If you are not already registered with Orange Lien Data, please access their website for more information.

Orange Lien Data logo

Orange Lien Data, LLC, will only report on outstanding debt owed to the City of Winter Park. All liens against the property, including those issued by the city are recorded in the official records of Orange County, Florida. A full search should still be made by a title company or real estate attorney. To ensure a clear title upon transfer or ownership of a property, all liens must be paid prior to the transfer. Lien payoffs shall be made directly to the City of Winter Park.

There is a fee of $50 for each request. Please refer to City of Winter Park Fee Schedule.

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