Recent Ordinances Affecting Construction

3039-16Repealing and replacing Chapter 58, Article V, Division 3, Flood Plain RegulationsJUN 13
3030-16Streamline permitting process; establish rear setbacks for Single Family Residential properties with short lot depthsFEB 8
3007-15Amending Chapter 22, Florida Building Code, fire sprinkler requirementAUG 24
2885-12Amending Chapter 58 “Land Development Code”, Section 58-65 “R-1AAA Lakefront District” and Section 58-66 “R-1AA and R-1A Districts” by adding a special side setback option for narrow lotsSEP 24
2875-12Enacting revisions to single family and accessory building regulations; adding pain management clinics as a permitted use in the I-1 zoning district, establishing parking requirements and definition of Pain Management Clinic; and adding special buffer requirements for vehicle use areas abutting residential areasJUN 11
2795-10Amending Section 58-66 “R-1AA and R-1A Districts”, Section 58-70 “PURD District”, Section 58-82 “General Provisions”, and Section 58-92 “Definitions”, so as to enact new single family and accessory building regulations and definitionsFEB 22
2768-09Waste pro solid waste franchiseAPR 27
2767-09Adopting new irrigation regulationsAPR 27
2766-09Adopting new landscaping regulationsAPR 27

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.