Safety & Code Compliance

CS/SB 60: County and Municipal Code Enforcement

On June 29, 2021, Governor Ron Desantis signed Senate Bill 60 which went into effect July 1. The law prohibits code compliance from investigating a potential violation by way of an anonymous complaint, unless the complaint involves an imminent threat to health or safety.

Noise disturbances or hazardous condition emergencies

Please contact 407-644-1313.

Code violation inquiries

Common Violations

Boats, trailers & recreational vehicles
Boats, trailers, campers and other recreational vehicles cannot be stored in open view in a residential-zoned district unless placed within a carport. They may be stored if they are screened from right of way view. Boats, trailers and recreational vehicles are allowed to be temporarily stored in public view for 24 hours only, per calendar week. [Sec. 58-71]

Commercial vehicles
Commercial vehicles are not allowed in residential zoning districts. [Sec. 58-84(e)]

Garbage container regulations
All containers must be returned to the rear or side yard after being serviced no later than 9 p.m. on the day of collection. Containers must be stored out of sight. [Sec. 82-42(e)(4)]

Illegal parking
Parking within the front yard area is prohibited. [Sec. 58-86]

Illegal signs
Signs placed in the city rights of way or on trees or telephone poles are prohibited. All signs require a permit, unless exempt by code. This includes advertisements and garage sale, or political signs [Sec. 58-135]

Inoperative or disabled vehicles
Inoperative or disabled vehicles may not be stored on residential property. Additionally, all vehicles on residential property must be properly licensed, and have the ability to be driven on city streets. Safety & Code Compliance has the authority to tag inoperative vehicles on private property and have them towed from the premises. [Ch. 22, Sec. 302.8]

Each year during our rainy season we see an increase in reported violations of overgrowth of grass and weeds. City Ordinance prohibits grass and weeds greater than 12 inches in height. [Ch. 22, Sec. 302.4]

Property maintenance
The Property Maintenance Code addresses the requirements for the interior and exterior of housing structures including broken windows, wood rot, torn screens, mildew and damaged structures. [Sec. 22-177]

Short-term rentals
The rental, use or occupancy of any residential dwelling for less than one month shall be prohibited. [Sec. 58-71(aa)]

Trash, debris & other materials
Residential property may not be used for open storage of vehicle parts, appliances, building materials, garbage, waste, trash or debris. [Ch. 22, Sec. 302.1]

All City of Winter Park Ordinances can be accessed via the Municode website.

Safety & Code Compliance Process

The Safety & Code Compliance process involves alleged violations of the various codes and ordinances of the City of Winter Park.

Several different actions often occur when we initiate enforcement procedures which may include but are not limited to voluntary compliance, swift compliance, partial compliance, non-compliance, and sometimes “no violation found.” For example, reporting a boat, motor home or trailer in a driveway in a residential area is not an automatic violation until it remains there for over 24 hours. Please note that these items can be present one day a week without being in violation.

Requests submitted to Safety & Code Compliance must follow a prescribed legal process to ensure that our codes and ordinances are both fairly and uniformly enforced.

Florida Statute, Chapter 162

Access Chapter 162 – County or Municipal Code Enforcement

Safety & Code Compliance staff are members of the International Code Council (ICC), Florida Code Enforcement Association (FACE), America Association of Code Enforcement (AACE), Central Florida Code Enforcement Association (CFCEA), and International Code Council (ICC).

Code Compliance Complaint Process

A complaint is registered via the complaint line or website, and a case number is assigned.

Initial Process

Chapter 162, F. S., Section 162.06 (2) Enforcement procedure.
“If a violation of the codes is found, the code inspector shall notify the violator and give him or her a reasonable time to correct the violation. Should the violation continue beyond the time specified for correction, the code inspector shall notify an enforcement board and request a hearing.”

  • The first inspection is scheduled.
  • Officer verifies if a violation exists.
  • If a violation exists, property ownership is verified.
  • Notices are sent regular and certified mail, per Florida Statute 162.
  • If a violation does not exist, the case will be closed.


The case will be closed.


A notice of hearing is issued to appear before the Code Enforcement Board.

Code Compliance Board

The Code Compliance Board issues an order detailing the necessary steps to bring the property into compliance or fines may be assessed up to $250 per day, per violation. Repeated violations are up to $500 per day.

City of Winter Park Ordinances

City of Winter Park Ordinances, such as Property Maintenance Code, Building Code, and Chapter 58 – Land Development Code – which includes all Zoning and Sign categories, can be accessed on the Municode website.

Access the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code (updated every three years).


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