The land area encompassed by Winter Park was historically covered by a diverse assemblage of natural, Florida habitats including scrub, sandhill, flatwoods, deciduous forest, wetland and aquatic communities. Even though Winter Park has been largely developed for decades, many examples of these original ecosystems persist today. Within these remaining natural areas, a large variety of native plant wildlife species can be found and observed. With a little information and guidance, Winter Park residents can take a peek into the past and glimpse a piece of the “real Florida” without ever leaving town. 

Winter Park has been actively involved in lake management since the 1960’s and our lakes provide tremendous recreational opportunities. More recently, we have expanded our focus to include the management of terrestrial habitats. Through efforts such as controlling invasive exotic plant species, planting and promoting native vegetation and encouraging Florida friendly landscaping, Winter Park is improving the ecological value of our wetland and upland ecosystems.