Established in March 2018, the department’s Family Fun Program has offered multiple free events for families and children. The program’s main objective is to focus on promoting a
series of events that encourages healthy families and fun recreational activities at various parks throughout the city.

The Family Fun Program was not only established to bring awareness to all of the great parks in Winter Park, but to bring families closer together and have an “unplugged” afternoon filled with laughter, creativity and love. From the start of the Family Fun Program, there has been over 30 events and a great deal of happy faces and family enjoyment.

To view the upcoming Family Fun events, please visit our Event Calendar.

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Three young children under a tailgate tent in Central Park painting rocks with colorful paints with an adult female standing behind them holding her already painted rock
Three young ladies holding up their homemade dreamcatchers
A mom and daughter painting a clay pot to plant flowers in for Mother's Day
A father with his daughter sitting on his lap smiling while threading colorful pieces to make a windchime
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