Recent Winter Park community visioning efforts as well as City Commission-led work sessions and directives have provided a general framework to create a new city park as a true destination for public uses on a portion of city-owned vacant property (former Progress Energy site), located at the intersection of Denning Drive and Orange Avenue. This transformation is envisioned to clearly express Winter Park’s quality of life attributes and convey the values and specific features of this gateway location that are such a key part of Winter Park’s unique natural environment and sense of place.

The City Commission has focused its discussions and directives on the importance of activating and integrating the new park (and surrounding properties) with small-scale buildings containing a village-style mix of uses, amenities and events for customers and surrounding neighborhoods. Decades of research have shown the best-used public park spaces act as a crossroads for food, street cafés, restaurants, community gatherings, eating outdoors, rooftop dining, small shops and collaborative work spaces. This is critical to generating great social interaction amongst pedestrians, workers and residents who feel invited and welcome to a socially active environment.

Mobility and Green Infrastructure are key parts of the framework to provide new public parking and stormwater management in the least visible portions of the site to serve surrounding buildings and events. A key to the park’s success is to create connectivity between the subject property and city. This includes a series of new walk-able, bike-able pathways connecting the new park to residential neighborhoods, as well as new pedestrian greenways to Mead Botanical Garden, then north to Morse Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, then east to Central Park and Park Avenue.

Your input and ideas are critical. Only together can we successfully envision Winter Park’s future where we all have equal opportunity to interact and experience our public spaces as places that are activated by how we all live, work and play together.

We appreciate your involvement in helping to create the quality of life of a Winter Park that you want to see and experience!


Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.