Tree Removal Permit Application

The tree removal permit application is now being handled through the City of Winter Park Permitting Self Service Portal. Before applying for a Tree Removal Permit, please register your account on the portal. Once the application is received, staff will perform a field inspection and follow up via phone or email.

Please access the City of Winter Park Permitting Self Service for more information and for guides to using the portal.

You may also check for the Trees Exempt from Removal Permit.


  • Residential Permits: $35
  • Commercial/Non-Residential: $100
  • Tree Preservation Board Appeal: $100
  • Re-inspection: $25
  • Zone Clearance: $100 per hour

All fees are non-refundable

  • Additional caliper inches planted reduces the tree trust fund deposit by $110 per caliper inch.
  • Trees planted in lieu of compensation must be FL #1 & 3″ minimum in caliper.

Failure to plant replacement trees within 30 days of removal will result in the city billing you for the total inches owed plus an administrative fee of $150.00

Zone Clearance

For your safety the city will clear a 10′ radius around primary energized conductors at a minimal rate of $150 per hour. Alternatively, the property owner may hire a qualified line clearance tree contractor.

The Process

  • Apply and pay for tree removal permit application
  • Indicate if power lines are involved
  • Urban Forestry Division will determine the type of line and advise
  • For primary wire; zone clearance will need to be paid prior to receiving tree removal permit
  • Call customer service at 877-811-8700 if:
    – Secondary (pole to pole without primary)
    – Service wire (pole to house)
    – Street light wire (pole to pole servicing street lights)

Our Vision

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