Health & Wellness

The parks and recreation department is committed to the health and wellness of our residents. The department offers many opportunities that are helpful to each individual’s commitment to fitness and making healthy choices. The department embraces the City of Winter Park vision to be “the best place to live work and play…” The parks and recreation department is vital to the vision in that our services and amenities span the three categories.

The best place to live is easy. Our park properties are numerous and loved, adding to the quality of life in providing greenspace. We offer widely diverse opportunities to enjoy parks and recreation in the city from programs to playspaces, to healthy living opportunities that includes our award winning farmers market!

Best place to work as our city employees have the privilege of witnessing our guests experience life – a family picnic in our pavilion, walking their dogs, getting married in our parks and buildings, and even as we assist families at our cemeteries. Others who work in Winter Park businesses have parks near their offices that are frequented for breaks and lunches.

The best place to play is the fun part of our department! The parks and recreation department is proud to play host to our guest in play. Athletics, dance, social events, special events, shows, playgrounds, fitness trails, swimming, team and individual sports, we have everything but snow skiing!

Parks and Recreation helps Winter Park be the best place to live, work, and play!

It Starts in Parks

It Starts in Parks LogoThe parks and recreation department is pleased to support the Florida Recreation and Park Association’s It Starts in Parks initiative and its four pillars, which exemplify the benefits of parks and recreation amenities: Health, Community Building, Economic Impact, and Environmental Stewardship.


Florida parks encourage healthy, active lifestyles as well as social development. Sound bodies and sound minds require physical activity and the change to experience personal growth. Parks provide this opportunity naturally.


Parks bring communities together in a common place without the constraints of everyday life. Connecting to everything around us and each other, we learn to value our environment, our heritage and our place in the world.


Florida’s parks have become an integral component to the economic development of the state. Parks provide an investment in the infrastructure needed to accommodate revenue generating events and tourism which in turn benefit the local and state economy. Additionally, parks positively impact housing and commercial real estate.


Florida’s parks are key to connecting with out natural and historic treasures in order to preserve them. We grow in awareness of our responsibility to protect and cherish these things through stewardship and gentle use, increasing our desire to conserve what we enjoy today for future generations.

Healthy Living

The commitment to providing healthy living choices and information is evident in the many services provided by Parks and Recreation:

Parks & Mini Parks – The city’s 335 acres of amazing passive and active park land provide many opportunities for all levels of healthy activities.

Outdoor walking paths and fitness trails – There are numerous trails for walking, biking, in-line skating and running. We offer three self-guided outdoor fitness trails as well, one of which has true hydraulic equipment. Not only are these areas perfect for your health but gorgeous lakefront views add to the health of your mind!

Playspaces – Our award winning playgrounds are located throughout the city and are convenient to all of our residents.

Recreation – Exercise opportunities about in our parks and recreation department. Both self guided and fully supervised options are available.

Indoor Fitness – The fitness center at our LEED CERTIFIED Community Center offers state of the art equipment, convenient access and affordable memberships.

Programming – Many classes and seminars are offered throughout the entire year that provide many and varied opportunities for healthy living. From active programs such as Zumba Dance to more calm option such as Yoga and Pilates, there is something for everyone. Additionally, informational health expos, screenings, and informational seminars are held regularly. Visit our programs page to see the latest schedule.

Swimming – The seasonal pool at the Community Center is very popular and has features that allow everyone to enjoy! A zero depth entry allows complete ADA accessibility as well as providing a very shallow area for tiny tots to enjoy. Swim lanes for serious swimmers or beginners are available and a mid-depth flat area is perfect for water aerobics, swim classes or just enjoying the pool.

Athletics – Virtually every athletic discipline is accommodated in the Parks and Recreation Department! Youth sports, team sports, adult leagues, competition sports, and so much more can be found both indoors and outdoors in Winter Park.

Golf – The department is very proud to manage and maintain a 9-hole walking course in the heart of our city. Affordable pricing, gorgeous greens, true tees and the historic nature of this 100 year old course make winter park golf a must!

Healthy Choices – Making healthy choices is made easier with the help of some of the programs and information that is made available from Parks and Recreation. Healthy food options and positive reminders that help parents engage their children in making healthy choices are featured throughout our parks and recreation system.

Go, Slow, Whoa Program – Parks and recreation has adopted the Go, Slow, Whoa healthy food choices program for all of our vending machines and the Community Center concession stand. This program identifies though graphics and informational literature how to make healthy choices at vending machines and concession stands.

Winter Park Farmers’ Market – The Parks and Recreation Department is proud to manage the award winning and extremely popular Winter Park Farmers’ Market. This market is limited to consumables and related items. Fresh produce, bakery items, herbs, and so much more are presented by 80 vendors every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. This market makes it easy to make healthy choices.

VEGGIES ANYONE? – Have you seen the giant carrots that are sprouting up all over town? These eye catching and colorful carrots are fitted around existing parks trees to bring awareness to healthy food choices. The carrots for this innovative and successful program were donated by the Winter Park Health Foundation – Healthy Central Florida. Other vegetables and fruits have been added, too. You may also visit Healthy Central Florida website

No Smoking Please! – All city buildings are designated non smoking. All of our parks are posted with signs that ask park guests not to smoke. Smoking is not allowed in playground areas.

Here are a few great links that may be of interest. These tools may help track fitness and food choices:

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Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.