Art on the Green

Art on the GreenArt on the Green is a periodic exhibition of large scale outdoor sculptures by noted artists. Coordinated by the Winter Park Public Art Advisory Board, Art on the Green creates a “museum without walls.” The combination of Art on the Green with the city’s other museums and cultural activities provides enjoyable educational opportunities for both Winter Park’s residents and guests.

Art on the Green 2018-2019 features six iconic monumental abstract sculptures by American modern master David Hayes (1931-2013). The sculptures are exhibited on the lawn of city hall and along the West Morse Boulevard medians. The colorful biomorphic works show the influence of his mentor David Smith and friend Alexander Calder.

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Art on the Green 2015-2016 was curated by Suzanne Delehanty and featured sculptures by seven Miami-based artists which were exhibited throughout Central Park.


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Art on the Green 2012 included eight sculptures selected by curator Olga Viso, Director of the internationally recognized Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, which were exhibited in Central Park and City Hall lawn to celebrate the renovations of city hall and its surroundings.

In celebration of the improvements to Central Park, Art on the Green 2010 featured the exhibition of two sculptures which included Dwellings in Red by Barbara Sorensen near Park and New England avenues and Trailer by Chris Scala near the Emily Fountain.

Currently on permanent exhibition in Shady Park, Art on the Green 2008 features Molecular Dog/C3H8 by renowned sculptor Robert Chambers. This “dog” is actually a strategically configured sculpture of a propane molecule showcasing how Chambers integrates art and science. The artist chose this molecule to bring attention to the importance of ecology in today’s world.

A periodic exhibition of large scale outdoor sculptures, Art on the Green made its début in 2006 with an exhibition of sculptures in Central Park by world-class artists including works by Louise Nevelson, Vito Acconci, Tom Otterness and Red Grooms, among others.

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Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.