Safety & Code Compliance

For code compliance life-threatening, hazardous or unsafe condition emergencies only, please call 407-644-1313 and a Safety & Code Compliance representative will be contacted.

To register a complaint, please call the Safety & Code Compliance 24-hour Complaint Line at 407-599-3392 or submit it online using the Register a Safety & Code Compliance Complaint Form.

City of Winter Park Ordinances

City of Winter Park Ordinances, such as PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE, BUILDING CODE, and Chapter 58 – LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE which includes all Zoning and Sign categories, can be accessed on the Municode website.

View the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code (updated every three years)


The City of Winter Park Safety & Code Compliance Division seeks code compliance through providing citizens and business owners’ direction for the resolution of problems and violations in a friendly, fair and impartial manner. Our objective is to achieve code compliance so that the citizens of Winter Park may enjoy a cleaner, safer and better place to live.

The City of Winter Park Safety & Code Compliance Division is established by City Ordinance and Florida law to promote, protect and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Winter Park.

Code Violations & Requests

The Safety & Code Compliance process involves alleged violations of the various codes and ordinances of the City of Winter Park.

Several different actions often occur when we initiate enforcement procedures which may include but are not limited to voluntary compliance, swift compliance, partial compliance, non-compliance, and sometimes “no violation found.” For example, reporting a boat, motor home or trailer in a driveway in a residential area is not an automatic violation until it remains there for over 24 hours. Please note that these items can be present one day a week without being in violation.

Requests submitted to Safety & Code Compliance must follow a prescribed legal process to ensure that our codes and ordinances are both fairly and uniformly enforced.

Lien & Code Violation Inquiries

Smitha Raphael

Safety & Code Compliance Officer

Susanne Porras

Safety & Code Compliance Officer

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.