Housing Authority Board

Administers the acquisition, lease, construction, reconstruction, improvement and operation of federally funded housing projects within the city.


Board MembersEnd of Term
Hal George2023
Kenneth Goodwin2022
Tammie Holiday2022
Karen Jacobs2022
Dawn Ofodile2022
Kevin O’Rawe2023
Joseph Regner2023

4 years
Subject to the provisions in F.S. ch. 421, including § 421.05, the Mayor, with the approval of the governing body, shall promptly appoint no fewer than five persons, and no more than seven persons, as Commissioners of the Authority.


  • Members shall be city residents.
  • Subject to F.S. ch. 421.05, one Commissioner who shall be a resident, who is current in rent in a housing project or a person of low or very low income, who resides within the Housing Authority’s jurisdiction and is receiving rent subsidy.

Notices of Hearing


LaShanda Lovette

Executive Director

Jeff Briggs

Principal Planner
Planning & Transportation

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