To provide recommendations and consensus for Economic Development and to review proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments pertaining to economic development, providing direction and time table for advisory board activities.

Meeting schedule

Board Members End of Term
Betsy Eckbert 2021
Michelle Heatherly 2022
Mike Miller 2022
Wes Naylor 2020
Joel Roberts 2020
Bill Segal 2021
Tara Tedrow 2022
Sheila DeCiccio, Alternate

Term of office: 3 years
Appointed/re-appointed at first City Commission meeting in May.

Experience, expertise or demonstrated interest in one or more of the following areas: architecture, business education, advertising and marketing, commercial leasing, real estate law, building construction, local and state politics, banking, emerging technologies, medicine, traffic management, general retail or related fields. Should include representation from owners of properties and businesses in Winter Park.

Kyle Dudgeon
CRA/Economic Development Assistant Division Director

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