Code Compliance Board

Examines cases presented by the city’s Code Compliance Officer. The board is empowered to prosecute persons who violate the city code.


Board MembersAppointed ByEnd of Term
Mark Van ValkenburghCommissioner Sullivan2023
Douglas BondCommissioner DeCiccio2023
Todd BoyerCommissioner Cooper2022
Sherwin SargeantCommissioner Weaver2022
John SchmalzMayor Anderson2024
Paul MandelkernMayor Anderson2024
Wayne JohnsonMayor Anderson2024

Term: 3 years coinciding with the Mayor or City Commissioner responsible for making an appointment(s). Generally, initial appointments are made at the second regular Commission meeting after the commission member is sworn in for a new term of office.
Term limit: 2 consecutive terms


  • Members shall be residents of the city.
  • Whenever possible, members would include an architect, a businessperson, an engineer, a general contractor, a subcontractor and a realtor.
  • Requires filing annual Financial Disclosure form.

Notices of Hearing

There are no notices of hearing at this time.


Keri Martin

Division Director
Risk, Safety & Fleet

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