Code Compliance Board

Examines cases presented by the city’s Code Compliance Officer. The board is empowered to prosecute persons who violate the city code.

Meeting schedule


Board MembersAppointed ByEnd of Term
Mary Sarah JohnsonCommissioner Sullivan2023
Maria BryantCommissioner DeCiccio2023
Todd BoyerCommissioner Cooper2022
Sherwin SargeantCommissioner Weaver2022
Paul MandelkernMayor Leary2021
Clay RoeschMayor Leary2021
Terry RoothMayor Leary2021

Term of office: 3 years
Appointed/re-appointed at first City Commission meeting in May.


City resident, whenever possible, include the following: architect, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor, realtor and/or business person. Also required to serve as the Nuisance Abatement Board.

Notices of Hearing

There are no notices of hearing at this time.


Keri Martin

Division Director
Risk, Safety & Fleet

Smitha Raphael

Safety & Code Compliance Officer
Risk, Safety & Fleet

Susanne Porras

Safety & Code Compliance Officer
Risk, Safety & Fleet

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