Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board is the sole authority of the city for administering and enforcing this article and the code of rules and regulations adopted, enacted, and amended under this article. “This Article” refers to the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 74, Personnel, Article III, Civil Service for firefighters and police officers. In general, the board is responsible for the adoption and/or amendments to the Civil Service Code and enforcement of the provisions of the code.


Board MembersAppointed ByEnd of Term
Kip MarchmanCommission2022
Pitt WarnerCommission2022
Mary DanielsCommission2023
Teresa PaceCommission2023
Stephen StutzerCommission2023
Tod MeadorsFire-Rescue Representative2022
Javier RodriguezPolice Representative2022

Term: 3 years, beginning the third Tuesday in January
Police & Fire-Rescue members: 1 year commencing in January


  • Five members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the city commission and shall be persons of different vocations residing in the city who are not employed by the city.
  • The remaining two members shall be chosen, one by the members of the Police Department and one by the members of the Fire-Rescue Department.
  • Members are required to attend one meeting per month (first Tuesday).
  • Meetings average 30 minutes to an hour, depending on agenda items.
  • Some preparation for each meeting is required.
  • Special meetings may be called as needed, but are usually infrequent throughout the year.

The Civil Service Board also serves as the city employee’s Personal Review Board.

  • No regular meetings are scheduled in this capacity.
  • Special meetings of the Personnel Review Board are scheduled only as needed.

Notices of Hearing

There are no notices of hearing at this time.


Michael Deal

Police Chief
Police Department

Kathleen Reed

Recording Secretary
Administrative Coordinator III
Police Department

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