Board of Adjustments

The board’s objective is to assist the city in granting variances to the city zoning code, sign regulations and floodplain regulations for buildings and structures proposed to be built or modified on a specific piece of property by taking into account the special conditions or unique hardships that apply to the property under consideration.

Please note: Variance Applications need to be submitted online by the deadline listed in the meeting schedule.
After registering via the Self Service Portal, search for Board of Adjustments/Variance Application.

Self-Service Portal

If you need further assistance, please email


Board MembersAppointed ByEnd of Term
Robert TrompkeCommissioner Sullivan2023
Tom Sims, Jr.Commissioner DeCiccio2023
Ann HigbieCommissioner Cooper2022
Charles SteinbergCommissioner Weaver2022
Michael ClaryMayor Leary2021
Steven HellerMayor Leary2021
Aimee HitchnerMayor Leary2021

Term of office: 3 years
Appointed/re-appointed at first City Commission meeting in May.


Must be a City of Winter Park resident and freeholder. Members are required to file a Financial Disclosure Form.

Notices of Hearing


George Wiggins

Building & Permitting Services

Theresa Dunkle

Recording Secretary
Code Analyst/Inspector
Building & Permitting Services

Our Vision

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