Parking Enforcement

No parking signThe Parking Enforcement Unit falls under the direction of the Special Operations Section. The unit is comprised of two civilian parking enforcement officers who are responsible for patrolling the entire city limits and enforcing all parking violations on city property, along with any handicapped or fire lane violations. Officers issue citations via a hand-held computer to vehicles parked illegally, such as loading zone violations, no-parking zones, fire lane violations, double parking, expired time zones, handicapped parking, etc. Although no one enjoys receiving a parking citation, these officers have the responsibility of ensuring an orderly traffic flow especially in the downtown area and maximizing the utilization of parking spaces for the public, tourists and business owners and vendors.

Parking Citations

If you have received a citation, please carefully read and follow the instructions on the citation. Failure to submit the fine amount within the indicated time will result in additional penalties being added to the fine amount, immobilization of vehicle by booting, denial of vehicle registration or mandatory court appearance.

Common Violations and Fine Amount

Rear or left wheels to curb: $25
Rear or left wheels to curb: $25
Prohibited by sign: $25
Over posted time: $25
Re-Park within 500 feet within 4 hours: $55
Fire Lane Violation: $110
Handicapped Violation: $255

What to do if you receive a citation

You must pay the appropriate fine within five days of receiving a citation in order to avoid incurring a late penalty. If you wish to contest the citation, you must request a court hearing within five calendar days in person at the Winter Park Police Department. Failure to do so means that you have waived the right to contest the merit of the citation.

Paying Your Citation

Access the Parking Citation Payment System

Booting and Impoundment

Winter Park City Code 98-35 allows for any vehicle that has accumulated five or more unpaid parking citations, to be subject to immobilization by having a boot device attached and impoundment if the citations remain unpaid. If you vehicle has been booted, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE VEHICLE. An attempt to move the vehicle WILL RESULT IN SEVERE DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE. In order to have the boot device removed from the vehicle, you must make payment to the director of finance or his designee of the total civil penalty, including delinquent fees, for each violation and an immobilization service charge or sign and accept a notice to appear establishing a date certain for a hearing on the immobilization of the vehicle.

If a vehicle has been booted and arrangements for the removal of the immobilization device have not been made within 24 hours of the time such motor vehicle was immobilized, the police department may impound the vehicle. In this instance the registered owner will be responsible for any towing service charges incurred in addition to the other penalties.

Contact Information

Sergeant Luke Hofer

Special Operations Division

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