Need to file a police report?

If you would like to file a police report in person, you are required to meet with a Winter Park police officer to complete the necessary paperwork. You have the option of meeting with an officer at the Winter Park Police Department, or if you live or work within the city limits of Winter Park, you can have an officer dispatched to your residence or place of employment. With either option, you will meet with a police officer and complete a sworn statement, which must be notarized by a public notary or a police officer. The responding police officer will then conduct a preliminary investigation into any criminal acts. Any subsequent investigation may be conducted by the initial officer or a detective from the Criminal Investigations Division.

To assist you in expediting the process of completing a police report in person, you can download a digital version of the Winter Park Police Department Sworn Statement Form using the button below.

When completing the digital sworn statement, it is important that you DO NOT sign the sworn statement until in the presence of a public notary or police officer.

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