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Crossing GuardThe Crossing Guard Unit is operated out of the Department’s Special Operations Division and is staffed by civilian employees. These non-sworn positions have a very important job in making sure that school children have a safe means to get to their respective schools. In October of 2003 the City of Winter Park assumed the administration of the crossing guard program. Prior to this time, the crossings were staffed by the Orange County Sheriffs’ Office, however, due to increasing costs and staffing issues it was determined that the Department would operate the crossing guard program for the crossings within the City’s limits. Since taking over, the program has been operated at a lower cost and all of the crossings are fully staffed. There are currently nine crossing locations in the city that are staffed by eight crossing guards.

Crossing GuardTo be certified, the prospective School Crossing Guard must attend a total of eight hours of training. The training includes four hours of classroom instruction conducted by a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) certified trainer. He/she must pass the final test with a minimum score of 75. A two-hour in-the-field instruction session at a real or simulated intersection without children present must be accomplished. The final two hours is an on-site observation by a certified trainer at the guard’s primary post. The guards are retrained on an annual basis to ensure that they still meet the qualifications of the position. The crossing guard is also required to take a pre-employment physical to determine if they meet the requirements of the job.

Crossing Guard

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