Tree Preservation Board

The Tree Preservation Board gives advice and recommendations to the City Commission related to the protection and improvement of the city’s trees, with the goal of fostering, maintaining and improving the public stewardship, protection, long range planning and careful oversight of the implementation of improvement projects for the maintenance, preservation, growth and enhancement of trees within the City of Winter Park. The city acknowledges that its trees and tree canopy are a natural resource of great significance.


Board MembersAppointed ByEnd of Term
John NicoCommissioner Sullivan2023
Jill BendickCommissioner DeCiccio2023
Margie BridgesCommissioner Cooper2022
Meggen WilsonCommissioner Weaver2022
Charles BellMayor Leary2021
Lawrence LymanMayor Leary2021
Tom McMackenMayor Leary2021

Notices of Hearing


Josh Nye

Parks Superintendent
Parks & Recreation

Kesha Thompson

Recording Secretary
Recreation Coordinator
Parks & Recreation

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.