The City of Winter Park has developed over the years with a unique character and environment. The Planning & Community Development Department (P&CD) ensures that the excellent quality of life in Winter Park as reflected in the built and natural environment and its heritage is maintained and enhanced by providing vision, fostering good design and guidance over development.

Orange Avenue Overlay (OAO) District


P&CD Administration is responsible for developing and presenting public policy alternatives to the City Manager and City Commission regarding growth management, development, quality of life and related intergovernmental coordination. They also coordinate the Comprehensive Plan amendments and directs special area studies. The Administration serves as a liaison to regional planning and community affairs committees, and researches and prepares reports on emerging issues. They direct the daily work and special projects of the department sections and also coordinates related activities with other departments so that a unified direction is maintained for the city.


  • 2008 Orange County Design Excellence Award of Excellence Winter Park Citizen Planning Classes
  • 2007 American Planning Association National Planning Excellence Award, Innovation in Neighborhood Planning in Honor of Jane Jacobs
  • American Planning Association Florida Award of Merit for the Winter Park Citizen Planning Classes
  • Florida Redevelopment Association 1999 Roy F. Kenzie Redevelopment Award Capital Projects/Physical Improvements/Beautification Category Park Avenue Master Plan
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