PLEASE NOTE: Boat ramps will be closed until further notice.

Bathymetric Maps

The City of Winter Park encourages all residents to use and enjoy our aquatic resources. No matter what your idea of recreation on a lake is, the waters in and around Winter Park can offer what you seek. The chain of lakes is a popular boating and skiing destination for residents who prefer active recreational activities. The chain is also popular among area anglers, most of whom ply the waters of the chain early in the morning, or during the week, when boat traffic is lighter. Remember that a Winter Park boat sticker or day pass is required before launching motorboats on the chain of lakes.

Fishermen who prefer quieter surroundings can try their luck at Lake Baldwin. The ramp at Lake Baldwin Park on Lakemont Avenue can accommodate most fishing boats. The City Commission has designated the lake a “no motor boat lake” so you’ll have to use your electric motors, or oars (fishing boats with gas engines may be launched but only electric, sail or manual power may be used). The status as a no motor lake is somewhat tentative since most of the lake is within the City of Orlando, and they have not made any decisions on the future use of the lake. For the time being, however, Lake Baldwin offers a peaceful alternative. People who like to sail, canoe and kayak will also enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Canoes and kayaks can be used in all city lakes unless otherwise posted. If you are using a car or truck to haul your boat, please obey all parking restrictions. Illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed.

Boat Permit Information

Day passes may be purchased directly on this page, from City Hall and the Winter Park Library. Parking is available at Dinky Dock Park on a first-come, first-serve basis. If trailer parking spaces are full, parking will have to be secured offsite. There is no fee for launching canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Boat permit costs are computed according to a formula based upon the horsepower (hp) of the motor, plus (+) the length of the boat in feet (lg) as reported on the State of Florida registration for the boat, times (*) a set amount.

Fractional boat lengths are rounded up (a 19.2 foot boat is considered to be 20 feet.)

The maximum length of any boat to be launched or operated on the city chain of lakes shall not exceed 21 feet, with the exception of pontoon boats and sail boats, which shall not exceed 24 feet. No boat exceeding a width of eight feet shall enter any canal.

Permit Type Designation Fee
Annual residential Resident
hp + lg * $0.50
hp + lg * $0.75
Annual commercial Resident
hp + lg * $1.00
hp + lg * $1.50
Half year (Jan 1 through Jun 30) Resident
hp + lg * $0.25
hp + lg * $0.375
Daily user Regardless of size of boat or horsepower of motor $6
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