Please help us improve our service by sharing your opinion of how we “measure up”.  When you evaluate our services, you give us the tools we need to build a better park system for your future enjoyment.  We also appreciate knowing which areas we are doing a good job in so that we can recognize our staff and their efforts.

We need your help!  The Parks and Recreation Department is very interested in providing you with the highest park and recreation experience possible.  Achieving this goal is no small task, but with your help, we feel we can improve the way we deliver our services to you.  We have prepared some questions for you to answer.  There is also space for any suggestion/comments you may have.  We believe that not only will this help improve our parks and recreation opportunities now, it will also create for us a benchmark to improve from year to year.

You are very important to us so providing you with the highest level of customer service is first in our minds.  Please take the time to fill out a survey.  We hope you will see improvement, where needed, immediately!

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