The City of Winter Park is now offering rebates to Winter Park electric residential and commercial customers for implementing energy conservation measures at their home or business. The links below will provide further detail as to the specific items included in the program.

To take advantage of conservation measures and rebates for your home or business, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Request an audit by calling 407-599-3220 or emailing
  2. Complete a Home Energy Check Audit with our auditor, receive a list of conservation measures that are eligible for rebates.
  3. Hire a contractor to install the eligible conservation measures.

Please note: You must first complete a free Home Energy Check Audit with a qualifying recommendation to be eligible for any incentives. New construction and projects involving more than two-thirds of the square footage of the original structure are not eligible for rebates or incentives. Rebates will be issued in the form of a City of Winter Park Electric Utility bill credit. No checks to individuals will be issued.

Residential Customers

Duct Repair

Checking to see if your air duct system is properly sealed is an inexpensive first step to making your home more energy-efficient. The city will pay half the cost of the duct test – $30 of the $60 cost for the first unit at your home, and $20 of the $40 cost for each additional unit at the same home. If we find any problems we’ll pay up to $150 toward the repair.

Attic Insulation Upgrade

Over time, attic insulation settles which reduces its insulating barrier and its ability to keep hot air out of your cool house. Having insulation added to under-insulated areas in your attic is one of the easiest ways to help you lower your energy bill. The city will even pay $75 – or more – to help you upgrade your attic insulation.

Wall Insulation Upgrade

Properly insulating your walls improves your home’s comfort and makes it more energy efficient. To help make this home improvement more affordable, The city will pay 20¢ per square foot – up to $300 – when you add injected wall foam insulation to your home.

Business Customers

The City of Winter Park does not currently offer energy conservation rebates or incentives to business customers. For guidance on making your business more sustainable, please visit