Winter Park Meatless Monday Program

The City of Winter Park’s Meatless Monday Program recognizes Winter Park restaurants, schools, and workplaces who commit to going meatless one day a week, reducing meat consumption by 15%, for our personal health and the health of the planet, encouraging greater consumption of healthy, locally sourced produce and helping make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Learn more about the benefits of adding Meatless Monday to your organization:

  • Restaurants – Give people more reasons to dine out on Mondays, demonstrate your commitment to your diners’ health, and reduce your restaurant’s environmental footprint. Download the Meatless Monday Restaurant Toolkit.
  • Schools
    K-12 – Enable your school staff and students to make healthier choices when eating, promote healthy habits, and improve the health of the planet. Download the Meatless Monday K-12 School Cafeteria Foodservice Toolkit.
    College & University – Place both the college and your foodservice at the forefront of promoting a healthier, more sustainable food system. Download the Meatless Monday Campus Toolkit.
  • Workplaces – Empower your employees to make healthier choices when eating, as well as improve the health of the environment. Download the Meatless Monday Corporate Foodservice Toolkit.
  • Hospitals – Enable doctors, nurses, nutrition and wellness professional to take an active role in cross-promoting a healthy diet. Download the Meatless Monday Hospital Foodservice Implementation Guide.

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* Criteria for receiving recognition includes having reviewed the Meatless Monday guidebook for your organization type; each Monday promoting vegetarian dishes you already have on your menu while at the same time, continuing to keep meat and seafood on the menu; using Monday to introduce new vegetarian dishes (at least once per season), and once you have implemented MM for a few months, helping us evaluate the success of our program by filling out a brief survey.

The Winter Park Sustainability Program’s Meatless Monday Campaign is made possible in part by a 2018 Healthy Central Florida Health Innovation Grant whose recipients are helping to bring Healthy Central Florida’s vision of creating the healthiest community in the nation closer to becoming a reality.

Participating Organizations

Our Vision

Winter Park is the city of arts and culture, cherishing its traditional scale and charm while building a healthy and sustainable future for all generations.