The program has worked with the city’s Purchasing Division to develop an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) policy that will be adopted by each department. The purpose of the EPP is to promote the use of products, materials and services that best align with the city’s fiscal, environmental, social and community goals such as reducing environmental impact as well as waste. The policy will consider the U.S. EPA’s five guiding principles of EPP which are:

  1. Environment + Price + Performance = EPP
    Include environmental considerations as part of the normal purchasing process.
  2. Pollution Prevention
    Emphasize pollution prevention as part of the purchasing process.
  3. Life Cycle Perspective/Multiple Attributes
    Examine multiple environmental attributes throughout the product and service’s life cycle.
  4. Comparison of Environmental Impacts
    Compare environmental impacts when selecting products and services.
  5. Environmental Performance Information
    Collect accurate and meaningful environmental information about environmental performance of products and services.

The city has already implemented the use of 100 percent recycled paper, discontinued use of all styrofoam products and bottled water, as well as requiring employees to bring their own reusable cups, mugs and bottles to work.

Commercial On-site Assessments and EPP Assistance

Contact to schedule an assessment or meeting to discuss environmentally preferable purchasing strategies for your business.

The city encourages businesses and residents to follow these principles as well so that together, we can all cut down on waste and save money.

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