Standard Demolition Procedures

  1. An applicant desiring to demolish a building must first come to the Building & Permitting Services Department at 401 South Park Avenue, complete an application and acknowledge that they intend to demolish or partially demolish a building. The applicant shall also provide a notarized letter from the property owner of record acknowledging the home is to be demolished, the property is vacant, and the utilities are to be disconnected. Once a permit number has been assigned, the Code Compliance Division shall be copied.
  2. At the time of application a poster is prepared with information as required in the City Demolition Posting Ordinance 2386.
  3. The applicant receives the poster and must post it on the front of the building to be demolished so as to be easily readable from the street. This will create a inspection of the property by staff to verify the posting of the property including photo documentation of the date and time of posting.
  4. The applicant may proceed with the normal process obtaining for utility disconnects from City Utilities and others.
  5. After all utility sign offs (including verification of non-historic designation), and provision of any other required information (rodent letter, asbestos removal) and after posting building for 30 days, then the permit may be issued. Verification of 30-day posting must be indicated on the application. Exemptions from posting for commercial buildings or unsafe structures will be considered on a case by case basis.
  6. All shade trees over 9″ in diameter on the property must be protected with approved tree protection barrier. Contact Urban Forestry Division at 407-599-3325 for detailed information on tree protection barrier. Sites without trees may omit this requirement.

Installing Filter Fabric Silt Fence

Demolition Inspections Checklist

Pre-Demolition and Engineering Inspections are required prior to permitting.

  1. Permit application in process.
  2. Protection of adjacent properties provided.
  3. Silt fence provided for erosion control and stormwater drainage protection.
  4. Walkways, fences, protective coverings. (Certain commercial and multi-family projects).
  5. Other means of protection as needed (storm drain inlets, trees, etc.)
  6. Condition of adjacent sidewalks, streets and properties observed.
  7. Temporary sanitary facilities. (May be required for longer projects)
  8. Method and control of dust provided. (Fire hydrant or construction meter required) WP Addendum
  9. Asbestos removal method in compliance. (When applicable)
  10. All utilities properly disconnected and capped.
  11. Before disconnecting any Fire Protection Systems, call the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department at 407-599-3260.

Engineering Demolition Inspection Checklist & Guidelines

Call to Request Inspections

Building: 407-599-3350
Code Compliance: 407-599-3290
Engineering: 407-599-3329
Fire-Rescue: 407-599-3610

Post Demolition Checklist

  1. All demolition work complete (Appendix D).
  2. Site clear of all demolition materials and debris. Asbestos removal in compliance, when applicable. (SBC 3303)
  3. Surface holes, wells, septic tanks, etc., filled. (Appendix D)
  4. Walkways, fences & protective coverings in place. (SBC 3305)
  5. Lot graded to prevent erosion and retain water on lot.
  6. Clean up condition of, sidewalks, streets adjacent properties approved.
  7. Permit posted.

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