Safety & Code Compliance Process

Florida Statute, Chapter 162

Access Chapter 162 – County or Municipal Code Enforcement

Safety & Code Compliance staff are members of International Code Council (ICC), Florida Code Enforcement Association (FACE), America Association of Code Enforcement (AACE), Central Florida Code Enforcement Association (CFCEA), and International Code Council (ICC).

Code Compliance Complaint Process

A complaint is registered via the complaint line or website and a case number is assigned.

Initial Process

Chapter 162, F. S., Section 162.06 (2) Enforcement procedure.
“If a violation of the codes is found, the code inspector shall notify the violator and give him or her a reasonable time to correct the violation. Should the violation continue beyond the time specified for correction, the code inspector shall notify an enforcement board and request a hearing.”

  • First inspection is scheduled.
  • Officer verifies if a violation exist.
  • If a violation exists, property ownership is verified.
  • Notices are sent regular and certified mail, per Florida Statute 162.
  • If a violation does not exist, the case will be closed.


The case will be closed.


A notice of hearing is issued to appear before the Code Enforcement Board.

Code Compliance Board

The Code Compliance Board issues an order detailing the necessary steps to bring the property into compliance or fines may be assessed up to $250 per day. Repeated violations are up to $500 per day.

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