Codes generally cited are the city’s Land Development/Zoning, Sign, Nuisance, and Property & Building Maintenance codes.

  • Boats, Trailers, and Recreational Vehicles
    Boats, trailers, campers and other recreational vehicles cannot be stored in open view in a residential-zoned district unless placed within a carport. They may be stored if they are screened from right of way view. Boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles are allowed to be temporarily stored in public view for 24 hours only, per calendar week.
  • Garbage Container Regulations
    All containers must be returned to the rear or side yard after being serviced no later than 9 p.m. on the day of collection. Containers must be placed out of sight when not scheduled for service nor left at the curb.
  • Illegal Signs
    Signs placed in the city rights of way or on trees or telephone poles are prohibited. All signs require a permit, unless exempt by code. This includes advertisements and garage sale, or political signs.
  • Inoperative or Disabled Vehicles
    Inoperative or disabled vehicles may not be stored on residential property. Additionally, all vehicles on residential property must be properly licensed, and have the ability to be driven on city streets. Safety & Code Compliance has the authority to tag inoperative vehicles on private property and have them towed from the premises.
  • Properties
    Each year during our rainy season we see an increase in reported violations of overgrowth of grass and weeds. City Ordinance prohibits grass and weeds greater than 12 inches in height.
  • Property Maintenance
    The Property Maintenance Code addresses the requirements for the interior and exterior of housing structures, including broken windows, wood rot, torn screens, mildew and damaged structures.
  • Trash, Debris and Other Materials
    Residential property may not be used for open storage of vehicle parts, appliances, building materials, garbage, waste, trash or debris.
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