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Citizen Board Application Form

This form is to be used to notify the City of Winter Park City Manager's Office that you are interested in serving on a city board.

If you would prefer to print and mail this form, please click here to download the application. Mail your application to City of Winter Park Board Application, 401 S. Park Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789. To submit the form electronically, please continue below. Thank you.

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Your Requested Board(s)

Please list in order of your preference, the board(s) for which you are submitting this application and the special skill(s) that would be beneficial in serving on said board. Note: The functions and requirements of each board are listed on pages 3 and 4 of the printable application form.

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Your Details

Are you a registered voter?
Are you a resident of the city?
Do you own property in the city?
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May we automatically submit your application when vacancies occur?
Do you have any potential conflicts of interest that may arise from time to time if you serve on one of these boards?*
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Contact Information

City Manager's Office p: 407-599-3236 f: 407-599-3436

* Conflict of interest A conflict of interest would be anything that inures to your benefit, your employer’s benefit or a member of your family’s benefit.

For example: You are applying for a Planning & Zoning Board appointment and are an architect or attorney that may occasionally represent a client with a project before the board. Note: Having a potential conflict of interest does not necessarily exclude you from serving on a board.